The Knitted Tie … A Fashion Yaaaaaaaas!

Like the happy socks, the knitted tie is seeing a rebirth internationally. To get us on the same fashion trend page are the following paragraphs.



What makes these knitted ties a fashion DO is the fact that they can be worn all year round. In the summer months, your neck-wear needs to be lighter, brighter pastel colors such as sky blue or pink. During the colder months, make sure you anchor your outfit with deeper, darker colors, such as burgundy, navy and dark purple.

They are made with cotton, wool and silk. Available in patterns, horizontal lines and zig-zags are the most common patterns to choose from…however, keep these as simple as possible with two or three colors max contained within them.



Wear them with a suit. Wear them with a denim jacket and slim-cut cargo trousers. Wear them with a semi-formal blazer and chinos/skinny jeans. Slayage is all you will be serving!

These ties are super casual but can be taken to the office if you rock a dark color like navy or black. Your lapels should be of a similar width to your tie to keep your look in proportion at chest-level. For this look you need to stick to the four-in-hand knot (the one you used to tie your tie at school). Anything other than that will make it look bulky.



The #fashionslayer himself. Nigel has your knitted ties in all colours and patterns.

Drop him an email: or take it to the DM on Instagram: @nigelmubvumbi


*There is nothing sexier than a man in a well put together outfit.

Stay fab and flawless

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