2018 | New Year, New me and all that B

So, it’s the fourth day of the new year, 2018 and I am almost certain many of you have put together a list of New Year resolutions which you will preach about over the next few weeks and you will forget about them till the 1st of Jan 2019.

Personally, I have a thing for Mondays or the first of each month because I feel that they allow for a fresh new start just like you believe the 1st of January each year holds hope for the rest of your year.

I do not make any resolutions though, I just bullet point my daily expectations and I go with that. Honestly, I actually need to do away with waiting for the first of each month or the Monday of a new week and just live life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to plan. But if we are forever waiting for a specific day to always make changes to improve ourselves we are only wasting our own time and stunting on our own growth. If you missed this past Monday, there is still Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to make a change. Don’t wait for the year to end to make changes in your life.

If anything, 2017 taught me not to be rigid and be open to new things and new beginnings. Do the same. Dare to change how you have always done things and see how everything aligns.

As we go into the year I only have 3 things to share and they are not fashion or beauty related but before I go into that I just need to extend my gratitude to all of you for making my 2017 an amazing one. I wouldn’t have expanded my blog to a YouTube Channel if it wasn’t for your constant support and encouragement ­čÖé

You guys are the real MVPs!


Work hard and smart, your dreams will not be handed to you.

Everyone seems to be adopting the CEO title on their Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook bios lmao. Don’t just claim it. Work for it. Work hard for it. Work smart. The amount of work and dedication you put in towards your dreams and goals determines whether you will be successful or you remain stagnant.


Believe in God’s timing. Be patient, your time is coming

This one is specifically directed to all the singles (because many people at this age are “battling” with time) who are getting annoyed by the engagements and weddings FaceBook publishes in our faces. I am not here to┬átell anyone to be happy for the other because it surely is irritating when you feel like there has been no change in your life worth mentioning. You may even forget about that promotion or the masters you just obtained because society┬áhas made it seem as though those things are nothing in comparison to marriage. The relatives may be constantly asking when you will bring a man or woman home as though they are picked up in a grocery store but stay focused on your future, do not be pressured. God’s timing is best, cliche but true.


Love yourself and be you!

If you don’t do anything else all year, the least you can do is love yourself and believe in your dreams and watch yourself grow and flourish.

Stay Fab and Flawless!



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